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H.Z. Logistics UK Ltd. verhuist

H.Z. Logistics UK Ltd. moved to new location in Holbeach

Last week, H.Z. Logistics UK Ltd. worked hard and proudly announced that they have moved to a new location in Holbeach. The move comes after months of planning and preparation and promises numerous benefits for both the company and its employees.

The new location features a more modern and spacious office, which will not only improve employee productivity and efficiency, but also create a more comfortable and pleasant working environment.

Extensive cross-dock facilities

In addition, the new location has a spacious cross-dock facility with 15 docks. The warehouse is equipped with two temperature units to ensure the quality of the goods during the cross-dock process. The warehouse also offers options for temperature-controlled storage.

The new location is strategically located in relation to the English ports. This will improve customer collaboration and communication and drive business growth.

A new chapter full of opportunities

The move to the new location marks a new chapter for H.Z. Logistics UK Ltd. and offers numerous opportunities for growth and success. The company looks forward to continuing to serve its customers from the new location and is excited about the opportunities this brings.


H.Z. Logistics UK Ltd. verhuist