Situation in Ukraine


Situation in Ukraine – International Women’s Day

May we introduce to you our Team of H.Z. Transport Poland Sp z.o.o. (a picture made some months ago) As their mother company we have a huge admiration for this team. Approximately 240 drivers with the Ukrainian nationality are employed at our company.  Big part of the drivers made the incredible brave decision to leave to their home country and fight in the war.  For the office staff in our Polish branch these were very difficult days.  To say goodbye to your teammates in this situation not knowing if they will ever return or will even survive.  But so proud, the drivers are that brave to serve their home country. Some of the drivers made the same brave decision to stay in Poland and European Union, keep on working and guarantee to their families and friends financial stability. Whatever decision they made, we have enormous respect and are very grateful to them.

Together with our employees, our company had the challenge to organize the transport of refugees from the Ukrainian borders to Kamienica. Our team in Poland arranged  a hostel in Kamienica  for the families of our Ukrainian drivers for a safe place to stay.  Here they can recover from what they had to face the days before and decide how they will continue.  Some of them travel further to families in other parts of Poland.  Some need to stay for an unknown period of time.  Hygienic materials and first needed necessities and even health care insurance is arranged for them.

And last but not least our team in Poland faced the huge challenge;  Today it is International Women day which meant the yearly challenge to deliver a huge amount of plants and flowers to hubs in Poland, Tsjechia, Slovakia and Hungary.  Despite a large shortage of drivers they still succeeded.   Each year this is a challenge,  but this year it felt like a marathon which they finished successfully. Especially on this day our thoughts go out to the wives of our brave drivers who are fighting in Ukraine and keep on driving our trucks across the Europe. Today we honored ladies with small gifts, to see their smile at least for a short moment.