The Netherlands


The roots of H.Z. Logistics are located in De Lier, Westland. Here it all started in 1985: the start of a small transport company that has since grown into a full-service logistics service provider, through well-considered acquisitions and making strategic choices. H.Z. Logistics now has a corporate culture that is focused on complete logistics solutions, partnership, continuity and reliability. Clear communication and intensive contact contribute to close customer relationships. The long-term strategy is supported by product innovation and social involvement. The head office is still located in Maasdijk, and is now run by the second generation of the Zuiderwijk family.

Contact information

The Netherlands

H.Z. Logistics
Honderdland 1093
2676 LV Maasdijk


H.Z. Transport & Logistik Gmbh
Inn 22
Pichl / Wels


H.Z. Transport Poland Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Transportowa 4
42-260 Kamienica Polska


Sc H.Z. Logistics RO SrL
Strada Garii 7
5510 10 Medias

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