Ship supply


Ship supply

At H.Z. Logistics, we understand how important it is to ensure that the provisioning of a cruise ship runs smoothly. We are specialists in this branch of transport and it’s not for nothing that we have been the regular partner of several renowned shipping companies for years already. We have a successful track record in handling all the logistics for ship supplies all over Europe

H.Z. Logistics handles the total logistics package

We stand out from the competition with our tight scheduling and high degree of accuracy. Furthermore, it goes without saying that we have the right equipment, such as dual temperature trailers for loads with different temperatures. And we do more than just deliver your freight. As logistics specialists, we take care of the total logistics package. The complete document registration, customs service and permanent temperature registration -we think of everything and arrange it down to the last detail. Our experienced drivers uphold the good reputation of H.Z. Logistics and ensure the just-in-time delivery of your precious freight!

On-time and efficient delivery

We are at your service with a dedicated team of experts, who keep raising the bar a little bit higher. Whether it’s fresh produce or other essentials, we guarantee that everything will be delivered on time and efficiently, wherever the cruise ship is.

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