Intermodal transport


H.Z. Logistics is your reliable partner in intermodal transport to Great Britain and Italy. We are one of very few hauliers who offer this solution. Our years of experience, transport knowledge and extensive network mean that we can always find an intermodal solution that is right for you.

What is intermodal transport?

Intermodal transport, also known as intermodal freight transport, is an efficient and sustainable solution. Intermodal transport entails using various modes of transport, such as a combination of sea transport, rail transport, road transport, to transport your freight to your desired destination.

Why choose intermodal transport?

Intermodal transport is economically attractive, flexible, fast, secure and reliable. As the entire container is transported by ship, train or truck, there is no need to tranship the contents. This results in significant cost savings and efficient scheduling. This flexible and reliable mode of transport also helps to reduce the environmental footprint of the logistics sector. By optimising routes and reducing unloaded kilometres, we are able to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, making transport greener and more sustainable.

H.Z. Logistics – your intermodal transport specialist

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