With the second generation at the helm, H.Z. Logistics has had 35 years to grow into the specialist in logistics and transport that it is today. Through well-considered acquisitions and strategic choices, we can offer an extensive package of logistics services to a broad European target group. International and intermodal groupage transport, distribution, ship supply and warehousing; H.Z. Logistics arranges it.

Not only from our head office in De Lier (the Netherlands), but also internationally through our branches in Poland, Great Britain, Romania and Austria - we carry out the assignments for our customers to complete satisfaction.

H.Z. Logistics embraces a corporate culture that is focused on complete logistics solutions, partnership, continuity and reliability. Clear communication and intensive contact contribute to close customer relationships. Our long-term strategy is supported by product innovation and social involvement. You can count on that, because that is H.Z. Logistics!

You name it!

Our broad range of services offer a suitable solution for various logistical problems and issues. Every customer has their own questions, requirements and wishes. We respond to this by having the right people analyze and assess the individual situations.

Do you have a question in the field of logistics and transport? Then we will be happy to look for the best answer with you.

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