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New construction Maasdijk


The year 2022 will be dominated by the construction of the new building of H.Z. Logistics at Honderdland phase 2 in Maasdijk, directly along the A20. We are proud to finally announce that the permit has been granted and the piling work will start in March 2022. The construction plan consists of 4 hectares of land with a cross-dock center of approximately 12,000 m2 with 32 docks and cooling facilities. In addition to the main building, a state-of-the-art garage with four gates and a 2,000 m2 double car wash for service and maintenance of our fleet.

H.Z. Logistics thus guarantees its growth in order to be able to serve all its customers in the future as well.

It's time for a new update in moving picture. Construction is now going so fast that at the time of posting the images are already outdated. The steel construction of the main building has already come so far that it is now very clearly visible what the building will look like. It is built from the left. The siding is now largely on this side and the decking is already in place. The right side is still a steel construction, but it won't be long before a full-fledged building can be seen on that side.

The site uilding, which will become the garages and car wash, is also slowly rising. The foundation is in place and we expect to start with the steel construction in mid-October.

A start has also been made with the paving of the parking lot.

Wednesday 11 May there was a small gathering with employees, members of the construction team and fellow users of our new building at the construction site. As a board of directors, we therefore consider it an honor to invite our father and founder of our company, Hans Zuiderwijk, together with his 4 grandchildren, to have the pile of the new building driven. Thanks to his dedication and insight, H.Z. Logistics has become what it is today, a healthy leading player in refrigerated transport in Europe. After this milestone we were allowed to toast together and enjoyed lunch and the sun.

We will realize the new building with the following parties:

Construction advisor :   Triple Group - Maasdijk
Contractor:   De Vries en Verburg - Stolwijk
Architect:   Bogaerds Architecten - Numansdorp
Electric installations:   Elektravon - Naaldwijk
Water installations:  B&V Techniek - Oudewater
Civil contractor:   Van Daalen GWW - Maasdijk
Sprinkler:    VST Fire Solutions - Houten
Car wash supplier:  Steinbruckner - Belfeld
Garage supplier :  VLT en Brekupa - Ettenleur en De Meern

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