H.Z. Logistics B.V.
Burg. van Doornlaan 16-18
2678 KB De Lier
The Netherlands 
Tel. +31 174 52 55 55
Fax +31 174 52 55 00

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The H.Z. Transport staff feels fully responsible for your precious freight. Fresh products, chilled and frozen products or other temperature sensitive loads are kept in perfect condition throughout transportation. At all times and everywhere, under all circumstances, throughout Europe!

This fixed promise to the market can be fulfilled thanks to the reliable state of our equipment and the perfect logistics of our organisation. Examples thereof are efficient planning, complete documents and customs service, continuous temperature monitoring and registration, satellite communication and board computers. Add to this the commitment of the drivers who are aware of their responsibility for your freight, and you will understand why H.Z. Transport has a good reputation to uphold.

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